Just how Does Pet Insurance Work?

Insurance for your pet is similar to other types of health insurance. A policy amount is paid to the insurance provider then if your pet becomes ill and needs treatment you make a claim for the costs. Many providers now pay your vet direct making it really straight forward. All standard insurance policies insure cats, dogs and smaller animals like rabbits etc. More specialised policies cover horses, exotic birds and reptiles. There are many websites that now compare insurance at a glance, which gives you a good idea of the cost to cover your pet. Policies do vary with different levels of cover and breeds of animal also determine the price you pay for your pets cover.

What's covered in your policy?

Settlement of veterinary fees is one of the main reasons people insure their animals, as vets fees can run into hundreds, even thousands. Although there are other benefits offered too. Third party liability covers you, should your pet cause any damage or harm someone by providing legal cover. Death of an animal can also be included in the policy and the costs of replacing the animal covered. When taking out pet insurance, do compare company policies as the level of cover available can vary.

Why compare?

The best idea is to compare pet insurance when looking for a new policy, because levels of cover and the cost can be seen straight away on a comparison site, as all of the research has been done for you. There are many pet insurance reviews published on the internet for you to read through before deciding on an insurer. Statistics show that one in three pets need veterinary treatment every year, so insurance is important especially if illness or injury should occur. Many pet insurance companies make no premium penalties the following year should you need to make a claim and pets can be covered for life if they have an ongoing problem like diabetes. For peace of mind if the inevitable should happen, you can concentrate on your pet rather than worry about your finances. Cheap pet insurance is readily available and online promotional discounts can all help you get a great deal for your pet.

Compare Pet Insurance, Choosing the right policy for you.

People choose all sorts of animals to keep as pets. If you own a Dog, Cat, horse, bird, mouse, Lizard, spider, or any other breed, your pet is important to you and you want the best care available, as your animals are a much loved part of your family and can be a valued companion.

The chances are your pet will require medical treatment at some point, either as a consequence of an accident or illness, having insurance allows you to concentrate on getting them the care they need. Having insurance also gives you piece of mind and lets you enjoy your pet.

Unfortunately, veterinary bills can turn out to be costly, but there is such a wide variety of packages to suit your pet's needs and most are tailored to suit. So with affordable pet insurance you can give your pet the care it needs with no financial worry for you.

Pet owners are increasingly choosing to protect their animals by purchasing pet cover, which can include: Vets Fees, Public Liability insurance, Accident cover, Recovery costs, and accidental death, Theft or Straying.You will find a professional and compassionate claims service that you can rely on when you need it most, as you will find suitable cover for all your needs through this site.

Argos Pet cover explained.

Argos pet cover has a variety of cover including silver cover, gold cover and platinum cover. If you're pet should fall ill and need treatment from your local vets then Argos pay up to £7,000 for platinum cover, up to £4,000 for silver cover and up to £2,500 for silver cover.

If your pet is not recovered in spite of the advertising and reward, we shall reimburse the purchase price up to the following limits; £250 on Silver, £750 on Gold and £1,500 on Platinum.

Argos has a sixty pounds excess fee for vets fees and one hundred pound excess for third party liability. They also offer a free vet & legal helpline.

For pet insurance get a tailored quote and save an additional 5% if you buy online.

Marks & Spencer explained

Marks & Spencer pet insurance provides lifetime cover and has no upper age limits for your pet. £7000 a year is paid in vets fees each year if needed and as long as your policy is in force there is no time limit on treatment given.

Marks & Spencer pet insurance has been given a 5 star rating for its features and benefits by an independent research company. There are 2 types of cover available, premier and standard. If you ever have any worries about your pet then Marks & Spencer offer access to vetfone, which is an advice line staffed by qualified veterinary nurses and they can give advice immediately.

The two policies offered have huge benefits, like vets fees, rewards for theft & straying, boarding, death from illness or injury and third party liability, all which are set out in an easy to understand table. Comparing pet insurance is very important and by having all of the details in front of you, makes the decision real easy.

A 5% multi pet discount is offered and you save 15% if you buy online.

Halifax Insurance explained

Halifax Insurance has two types of cover, Halifax Pet Insurance and Halifax Pet Insurance Extra. They pay up to £6000 a year in vets fees and Alternative/complementary treatments, should your cat or dog need treatment. The insurance policy also covers your pet if it is lost or stolen, dies, costs if you need to go into hospital and third party liability.

Halifax have a number of help lines, these include find a vet, bereavement counselling, pet legal and pet minders. These are included on both types of cover.

Choosing Halifax insurance for your dog or cat is easy to do and you will save an additional 5% if you buy online, plus another 10% discount if you insure more than one pet.

Compare the market using the easy Benefit Table and find affordable pet insurance.

PDSA Insurance explained

Taking out dog insurance or cat insurance is a wise thing to do and can give you peace of mind should you have your pet stolen or receive a large vet bill. PDSA pay up to £7000 in vets fees.

PDSA has a choice of three levels of cover, there is no upper age limits and covers ongoing conditions, unlike many insurers. You can pay monthly for your dog insurance/cat insurance at no extra cost.

Taking out PDSA insurance really is protecting not only your pet but 20% of the premium goes back to the charity.

As one in every three pets need treatment from the vets due to illness or injury each year the affordable insurance policies are a real must. When buying pet insurance online you also receive an additional 5% discount.

John Lewis Pet Insurance explained

Don’t worry about unexpected vet’s bills - you can claim up to £10,000 each year if your pet gets injured or falls ill. We’ll help you find your cat or dog if it’s stolen or goes missing. Claim up to £1,000 for advertising costs and up to £1,000 for reward money. You won’t be out of pocket if your pet falls ill - your vet is paid directly, provided they’re set up to receive our payments.

If your pet causes an accident, our policy protects you against legal liability up to £2 million. There are no upper age limits on our policy for vet’s fees, we’ll accept your cat or dog from eight weeks old.

Homebase Pet Insurance explained

We know cats and dogs needs are different which is why we offer separate insurance cover for cats and dogs designed to meet their specific needs. Both types of cover offer a 10% discount when you buy online and allow you to choose the level of cover that you feel is right for your pet.

With cover starting from £3.58 per month for Cat Care and £7.07 per month for Dog Silver cover, your pet could be covered for those expensive vets bills and that could save you a small fortune - in 2009 Homebase Pet Insurance claims showed, for example, it could cost £469 or more to treat your pet after a road traffic accident.

Compare Pet Insurance from the leading UK providers and get as much as 20% discount online.

Save money on your pet insurance - here you can compare cheap pet insurance quotes from the leading UK pet health providers in our online comparison table so you can find value for money cover without any hassle. Also we explain how you can choose the best insurance for your pet.
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Policy Feature's
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PetPlan - Pet Insurance

Petplan has developed market-leading pet insurance policies to meet the needs of today’'s pet owners – including 3 "genuine" lifetime policy options. Whether you choose Petplan Classic with either £4,000 or £7,000 vet fees cover or Petplan Ultimate with £12,000 vet fees cover, you can be sure that the policy will provide lifetime protection to help... more info

Aviva - Pet Insurance

Aviva pet insurance policies have some great benefits to offer, take Gold for example, up to £3,500 vet fees cover for illnesses and injuries, up to £1 million third party liability for dogs, up to £500, ecovery expenses if your pet is lost or stolen, Find a pet minder helpline, We can pay your vet direct. Get a quote today. Get the Aviva deal. more info

Debenhams - Pet Insurance

Cover for vet fees up to £7,000 with a gold level policy, Up to £750 towards advertising and reward costs should your pet go missing, Bereavement Counselling should the worst happen, Pet Legal Matters, for legal advice on an issue relating to your pet and help to find a registered pet minder to care for your pet while you''re away from home. more info

John Lewis - Pet Insurance

With John Lewis Pet Insurance you can choose from four levels of cover for vet’s fees so you can find the right level for you and your pet. more info
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